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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

postheadericon Been busy

Well I still haven't managed to get round to taking any pictures, sorry I will try this weekend.

I have been struggling to get my parsnip tunnel ready, mainly due to 4 foot of concrete that sits right under the tunnel which I found after taking off the first 2ft of topsoil. This is causing me a right headache as my pipes are a good 6-7 ft this year. This means I need at least an 8 ft bar to bore the holes.. not a problem you say, well it is when you have a polythene roof over your head, the bar has to go in and out dead straight to make the bore holes, with the pipe sitting 4 ft out of the ground that's a good 12ft of room needed. I'm working on a plan as I can not possibly dig any further after spending two weeks digging I have had enough. Telescopic bar comes to mind, which I will have to modify some how to ensure I don't have any ridge when it extends. I hope for next year I can get a 3 piece bar made up that unscrews and sits flush on each detachable section.

Other news, I have planted my sowing of celery "Evening star" this week, Monday to be precise which is about 12 days earlier than last year. I have most of my potatoes ready to go and will be planting 50 Winston and 50 Kestrel this year, sod the rest, 1 colour and 1 white is enough for me and this year I'm determined to get them right and keep the blight off.