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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

postheadericon Onions sown

My Kelsea onions for the dressed class were sown on the 28th of December this year and my Giant Onion's P.G. Selection were sown about 16th December (rather late with this variety but had to wait for seed to be ready).

My Peter Glazebrook selection, which is a re-selection of the Billy Lamb onion has germinated and is ready to be pricked out into 60 cells. I will then move them out of the propagator into my grow room.

My grow room this year is slightly different as I am using T5 fluorescent grow lights, cheaper to run and so far are proving to be effective with my welsh seedlings growing under them. I'm running a 4 tube set up, 54 watt per tube but this will be replaced in a week with the 8 tube, 54 watt per bulb. Note these tubes are designed for growing, not your standard light tubes but they may work just aswell.

The surface area is reduced this year as the lights will only transmit light directly below. I will have to be more harsh about selecting what I want to grow on and chuck the rest.

Hope you all had a good Christmas, I will post some pictures when things are moving on a bit more, bit boring looking at seed and compost.