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Thursday, 19 November 2009

postheadericon Still alive...Just nothing interesting.

Just about cleaned, sterilized my greenhouse and have got past the 2 weeks of stinking of armillatox as it never comes off so that's one job out the way.

My onion beds have been prepared already so I'm chuffed with lots of manure and peat going in. The soil is still very light and crumbles very easily which most people would love, but the water just drains out instantly and onions I think prefer something a bit more solid so I will be adding a load of topsoil aswell as some grit.

All my seed orders have been made with cheques being written with my eyes closed as it does hurt to see the amount of money I spend.

Only one thing that is botherting me and I'm undecided on is shallots. They are a lot of work and expense, I can never store them and I hardly ever get anything great from them.. are they worth the effort?. I hate the thought of not growing them but I can't justify growing them either. I would be more interested but I can never ever store them, they just rot and I have tried every place I have free.