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Sunday, 28 June 2009

postheadericon work load

Way to much to do with no time, sorry I really havent had the time to update this blog but I will get round to uploading some pictures of where I am at so far. Every thing seems to be going wrong this year despite the amount of time I put into my veg, I really cant handle the amount of work involved working every hour I can spare really gets on top of you especially knowing you have at least 2 hours of watering to do every day.

I wont be doing this again next year, I'm not retired and can't keep up with it all. I instead will be concentrating my efforts on the allotment and growing one vegetable to a high standard. As it stands its no fun any more as I just get stressed at the amount of work required. I'm still undecided on which vegetable I will grow, I enjoy growing my parsnips and carrots and after the intial work load they are quite easy to keep going (except this year lol).. I really cant be bothered with onions and leeks any more, so I may well choose celery.
Monday, 8 June 2009

postheadericon Well, shallots grow fast

I was considering pulling my shallots at the weekend, but I had another look tonight and gee I wish Id pulled them yesterday. With all the rain they have grown so fast in just 1 day, I did say i was going to pull them smallier this year to avoid them going out of shape but I'm sure I have lost quite a few that had started to double shoot. Never mind we will see once they are dry, I have a few sizes so fingers crossed.

postheadericon blah

Well the last couple of weeks haven't gone exactly as planed and there has been a few disasters and casualties. My two turkeys with splayed legs had to go at the weekend, my parsnips are suffering from yellow fleck virus despite constant spraying, I lost one long carrot that just flopped and died on me, and 3 onions went double and have been removed. Also one of my cherry tomatoes fell over and snapped and is now useless.

My celery is way behind, so are my leeks and 3 shallots also went double from the amount of rain we had. The rest are looking good and I am thinking of pulling some this weekend.

My potatoes are still alive and I will spray them at the next sign of a few dry days to help avoid blight along with my tomatoes and celery.