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Friday, 15 January 2010

postheadericon Under 250g onions sown

Still plenty of time for the under 25og onion class to be sown but this is normally the time of year I like to get mine going so they have plenty of time to dry. Last year all my 250g onions got mildew so I will need to spray them this year with copper (its organic don't you know). I have gone with globo this year as I quite like the shape, its like a minature kelsea. I have also sown a few of Medwyns trial 250g onions which I have no idea what they will be like.

Also the start of my garden flower sowings and today I got in delphiniums, lupins, hollyhocks. Most of these are flower second year but I have found if you sow these now they will flower first year no problems if looked after in a warm greenhouse. I also put in some sweet williams that will not flower this year but I start them early and they stay inside for the entire year so I have really nice plants.

postheadericon leeks

Leeks so far in desperate need of potting up, but again the pots have not arrived for them as the country is on strike due to some white stuff on the road. This entitles all couriers to lose everything you order and then not bother to deliver it while you wait 3 weeks and counting. I have plenty of pots but these are rose pots that I'm waiting on.

4 Bulb grow light, again I'm still waiting for the 8 tube to arrive so I can increase my growing area but there is some white stuff on the road.

postheadericon greenhouse

My partition that I have insulated with bubble-wrap to keep frost free mainly for fuchsia cuttinsg etc at the moment. Even with the horrible temperature drops we have had this section has kept really warm and has been no where near freezing.

Don't forget to chuck a few pots and junk about the place, it keeps it warmer.

postheadericon onions

Few pictures of where my onions are at, at the moment they are not under any lights as my grow light for them has still not arrived and the other light is being used for my leeks.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

postheadericon Time to order potatoes

I suspect most growers have ordered there potatoes before Christmas, to be honest they normally take a back seat with me and I have only just got around to deciding what I wanted. It only crossed my mind the other day when I emptied a few bags out inside my tunnel that I had left over from my Christmas potatoes.

Still plenty of time to get orders in but some varietys can be harder to get hold of so best to get them now.

Slight change of plan this year being as I can never seem to keep Winston under a l Lb and they suffered from scab again.

I'm going with

NVS Amour
NVS Sherine

I'm hoping Harmony will give me some decent whites this year, I have always struggled to grow whites yet coloured are always good.

You can get all these varieties and a lot more inlcluding everything you need and information on growing them at
Friday, 8 January 2010

postheadericon New blog Design

Please bare with me while I re-design the blog, although I have made website's in the past this is my first blog template so there are a few things I'm still fixing.

yes.. I finally got around to doing it as promised nearly a year ago?.