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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

postheadericon Final late sowings

Extending the growing season is important if you want as much fresh vegetables as you can get.

Getting in your last late sowings now will be ideal for crops in Oct-Dec.

I will be sowing:
Carrot: paris market - golf ball like carrot.
Carrot: Autumn king 2 - good banker for some decent carrots late in season
Pea: Blauwschokker - very productive if we get good weather and kept moist. Almost black/purple pods but green peas.
Dwarf bean - Roma - Never tried this one, so giving it ago.
Savoy cabbage - (can't remember the name, buts its a small pointed version, so crops quicker and can be planted very close.
Baby beetroot - kestrel: This is the beetroot I eat fresh and boiled as all the rows of other early beetroot would have been pickled as we love the stuff.
Broccoli - Raab 60 days - Quick growing mini heads like broccoli. I have seen the stuff before but have never grown this dwarf variety so will be interesting to see what I get off it.
Christmas potatoes - Maris Bard and Pentland Javelin

This little lot will all get planted this week now we have finally had some rain I can get sowing.