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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

postheadericon allotment pictures..part 2

allotment continued..

4 rows of carrot, 2 beet and 1 lettuce

Chrysanthemum.. All exhibition varieties but grown just for cut flowers unless they do so happen to flower early then I do show the odd one. 90 asters are next door to this surrounded by wire to keep the rabbits off.

I'll add some more stuff when I have time.

postheadericon allotment pictures..part 1

I hardly ever post pictures of our allotment, so here you go..something different.

Show Cauli looking to early, what with me watering them non stop and this warm weather they just took off. Hopefully the later sowings at the other end will come in for the shows.

Cheery tree is loaded, picture taken a week ago and opon checking today I have a good couple of hundred ready to come off.

Onions from sets are nearly ready to harvest, I have been bending the tops of any that I feel have stopped growing and using any that went to seed.

Potatoes: First early potatoes are ready and have been digging as new potatoes for a few days now. Could do with another week to make it worth while.

Broad beans and peas: Broad beans went in late this year so are still not ready (ones in garden are) Peas are no where near like they were last year, lack of water has resulted in lower plants, still we have peas.

Still have loads of cabbage ready for picking in the garden, but these are my later ones. No need to cover as I spray with "grazers" birds will still test them, but they soon give up and eventually the cabbage grows perfectly well. As you can see the ones on the far left of picture went in first and now have near no damage. Cabbage whites are not a problem either as I also have a spray that keeps them off.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

postheadericon onions

Not getting my hopes up, I have a mixed bag again of decent onions, smaller onions and destroyed onions. If all my decent onions don't get foot rot I will fine.

postheadericon Tomatoes

Tomatoes are growing well, despite the lack of attention I have been giving them.
Again I took some side shoots from these as I had great results from them last year. I potted them up and they are growing in my other greenhouse about 2 foot high at the moment. I find the side shooted plants will only be two weeks behind these which is ideal for me.

Done a few hanging basket tomatoes this year aswell, I'm pretty impressed with them so far..we shall see how they taste.

postheadericon leeks

Not such good news for my leeks, but then its to be expected. I suffer from foot rot and once you have it you will always get it year in year out. This also effects my onions and by the end of season at least 75% would have been chucked.

postheadericon Parsnips

Best parsnips I have had for many years at this time of year, I put this down to one thing and that is spider mite. Normally my parsnips have spider mite on them when they are 6 inches high and its all down hill from there. Controlling this pest is near impossible and they cause so much damage the parsnip just stops growing. It's always an uphill battle to keep them at bay, normally I have millions and this year I have non. This is partly due to the harsh winter and keeping my parsnips covered in fleece the whole growing season has helped, I just hope they stay away. I have sprayed 4 times with a fungicide, yet insecticide has not touched them yet.