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Thursday, 10 March 2011

postheadericon Want lots of cucumbers?

Soon will be time to sow your cucumbers, still a tad early for me but anyone who actually reads this blog?... will know I grew just one plant last year and in the end the final total was 234 cucumbers from one plant. I also stopped my plant at each shoot, so god knows what would have happened if I trained in every shoot. I was picking 25+ cucumbers a week easily.

Socrates F1 is the name from Mr.Fothergill's seed, you can aquire the seed at any decent garden centre as it's very common. The plant produces MINI, bitter free cucumbers and all female flowers aswell. My only tip would be to pick them when they are small, about half the size of a regular cumcumber for best taste and to avoid any seeds. Make sure you have plenty of friends ready to take them off your hands aswell.


Anonymous said...

I'm growing Carmen for show
It is the first time I have grown them so I have no idea how they yield
I normally do quite well but not sure if I have got as many as you did

Veg4Show said...

Carmen is a good shower, (probably the best IMO). You can grow them bog standard or train and prune them to produce top speciems. Don't expect hundreds tho, around 45 per plant will be good going. The more you pick the more will mature which is why the soil structure is so important to ensure the nutrients are there to keep the hungry plants going.

Good luck with the showing this year, I'm sure you will do just fine. If you come unstuck on anything let me know and I will try and help you out.

Anonymous said...

I am doing some research for a new BBC documentary on allotments. I'm specifically looking into show growing at the moment and i'd love to have a chat with you, and anyone else with some tales to tell! can you email me on