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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

postheadericon Carrot Abaco

Incase anyone is interested, you can get Abaco carrot seed from here:

Being as I have never liked sweet candle (goes to big) I'd be interested to see how this carrot fairs, now it has some recognition I'm sure it will be a contender and more people will be growing it in 2011.


Pauls allotment blog said...

Saw a brilliant set of Abbaco at Harrogate I will be growing these next year I already have the seeds

Veg4Show said...

Good luck Paul I'm sure you will do well with them.

Although at national level they would have to be pretty darn good to beat any sweet candle so I can't see them taking over, but still looks like a lovely carrot to grow and if perfect stands a chance.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with what you say about sweet candle. Anything on the showbench should reflect the pinnacle of what is wanted in the kitchen. Some of the sweet candle shown in recent years is more suitable for horse fodder because of its size. My personal opinion is that we should be looking at a carrot with a body not more than nine inches long with a similar length of tap root and the NVS judges handbook should be amended to reflect the ideal size required.

Also with sweet candle, it is so readily identifiable because of the colour of its tap root and judges are looking for it to award prizes to, even although it may not be the best carrot on the bench.

Those growing it are very defensive about it and quite rightly so. It takes a lot of growing.

I suppose its a question of taste. Bring back gringo.

John.T said...

I can't agree with Anonymous. We judges do not go looking for Sweet Candle on the show bench, we select the best dish, whatever the variety.